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Behind the Blinds Magazine
Veronique - Oct 13, 2022


Grace Van Dien is no stranger to the spotlight; she was in a reality show at nine and hasn’t stopped working since. But cutting a path away from your typical drama serial actress, Grace has become a face known for taking tragic roles that meet a deadly ending and adding layers until they’re 3D people to love and mourn. But it’s not a love of horror that motivates her, it’s thought-process – “I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat”. Fascinated by the psyche behind every character, she’s played Sleeping Beauty, Sharon Tate and most recently, Chrissy, the cheerleader that featured in one episode of Stranger Things and stole everyone’s heart.
Slowly settling down after the post-release storm that follows a series like that, she apologises for any background noise as she sits down in her LA garden for our chat…

The last couple of months since Stranger Things was released have seemed crazy…

It’s been a whirlwind. But also very refreshing because for months prior to the release, I was just sitting idly by waiting for something to happen. And then suddenly since the release, it’s been totally nonstop. It was a real shift and the reaction to Chrissy and her storyline was totally unexpected.

Is it hard to prepare for a character with a short lifespan?

Well, I think because her issues are relatable, it was already easy to resonate with. They’re not talked about enough in real life, but they are very much in all our lives; everyone knows someone with an eating disorder or with issues with one of their parents. They’re such common problems, everyone can see a bit of themselves in Chrissy. And when the Duffer Brothers told me her storyline, they advised that I rewatched the Black Swan so there was a lot of character development going into her because we wanted it to be an impactful death.

I really see the light and the dark of the Black Swan in Chrissy’s storyline…

I think the main parallel for me is that both these characters are soft-spoken, quiet people, but they’re very much overwhelmed by their insecurities and the pressures others put on them. It’s not something that you would immediately assume by looking at them, but it is their reality.

Is that duality what drew you to her?

Totally. Yeah, she’s the head cheerleader dating the main jock, but I never saw her like that. I don’t believe anyone is one-layered. Even mean girls have a reason for being defensive and closed off, and I like to figure out those reasons and bring a softer side to them.

How’s it been doing meet-and-greets? I imagine it’s very different to any other release cycle…

I grew up with my dad doing Comic Cons when I was growing up, and it’s incredible to have those one-on-one exchanges with everyone now. I can’t believe how talented and attentive everyone is. They bring little crochet dolls of Chrissy that they’ve made overnight or French records after I said I listened to French music while I portrayed her. They really are so loving and thoughtful.

What was the main lesson your dad taught you as you stepped into acting yourself?

He ingrained in me very young to always stick up for myself. Obviously, there are disadvantages to being a woman in any industry, and starting out in this one, I definitely saw glimpses of that. But I’m pretty strong-willed and put my foot down quite easily. It’s been nice to have him as my backup voice whenever I need it and it’s influenced me to do that for friends who don’t have the same wager as I do, having someone in your family in the industry.

Your roles so far have all felt very horror-tinged, but what would be your dream project?

I think they attempted to adopt one of my favourite books a few years ago, but it never came to fruition. So I would love to partake in any kind of role, crew or cast, for The Bell Jar. I grew up reading that book over and over. It would have to be done right though.

Source: behindtheblinds.be

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