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Partnership with Harper Wilde

Here is what Grace wrote on her Instagram account 2 days ago:
hiii! im so excited to finally share that i’ve partnered with @harperwilde to create my very own capsule!! this super comfy lounge bra with “bluebird” embroidered on the back. bluebirds are a symbol of happiness and i wanted to be able to share a gentle reminder of that with you. i think it’s a lovely touch to add to your day.

we’re also donating 15% of the proceeds from this capsule to my favorite charity, @childhelp. they’re an organization that focuses on assisting children that come from abusive households.

i’m over the moon to share this capsule with you all finally. it means so much to me. there is a link in my bio to get your very own, or you can go to harperwilde.com/gracevandien. (its limited edition, so will only be available for a short time!) 🤍🪺

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Current Projects

Aaah! Roach!
Grace as Bree Johnson
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City Center College is about to experience a "Hell Week" unlike any before. When a group of fraternity students accidentally unleash a plague of chemically altered man-eating roaches on campus, students and faculty start disappearing left and right. Now it's up to Officer Johnson (Casper Van Dien) to figure out what's happening and save his daughter (Grace Van Dien) and her friends before it's too late. Prepare yourself for the creepy new thriller that will make you scream.

Grace as Dakota
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When small town Gemma moves to Los Angeles to become an actress but takes the graveyard shift at a mysterious sleep clinic to get on her feet, lines quickly blur between reality and implanted dream.

What Comes Around aka Roost
Grace as Anna
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In this immersive thriller directed by Amy Redford, a young love affair becomes a menacing game of cat and mouse. Nothing and no one are as they seem.